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Eminent Domain & Condemnation


Securing maximum compensation for your property 

Many issues can affect the value of your property or business in an eminent domain or condemnation case. For example, does the land possess development potential? Is there remaining property, and will its value be damaged? Does your business possess intangible value separate from its hard assets? Is it a specialized business, dependent on the property the government wishes to take? Are fixtures and equipment involved? What about relocation costs? Each property requires a unique analysis.

WWRP’s extensive valuation experience allows us to properly identify and address these questions and then develop a comprehensive strategy for securing maximum compensation. We capitalize on our vast knowledge and past successes but consider each case individually and customize our recommendations according to our client’s specific situation.

Our eminent domain and condemnation attorneys have completed intensive training courses offered by national appraisal associations, and we coordinate closely with appraisers and other experts every day. We have an in-depth understanding of the valuation process and the courtroom skills and proficiency necessary to effectively communicate the value of your property to a court or jury.

WWRP’s eminent domain and condemnation experience includes:

  • Airports and bridges
  • Class actions
  • Destination developments
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Highway and interchange construction
  • Industrial and manufacturing properties
  • Road widenings
  • Universities

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