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Birmingham, Michigan, Lawyers Solve Complex Legal Challenges for Clients Throughout Southeast Michigan

Williams, Williams, Rattner and Plunkett, a Birmingham, Michigan, law firm, successfully represents a wide variety of clients in trials and settlements.

March 20, 2015

Birmingham, Michigan, lawyers Williams, Williams, Rattner and Plunkett, P.C. have been developing their broad range of expertise since the firm’s inception over 30 years ago.

WWRP provides expert advice, professional legal services, and proven litigation skills to a wide range of municipalities, businesses, and individuals throughout the region.

The Birmingham, Michigan, lawyers’ clientele include all varieties of individuals and businesses. Members of the firm practice in all parts of the state of Michigan and surrounding states, and specialize in the following:

With years of experience providing the highest-caliber legal services to the people of Southeast Michigan, the Birmingham, Michigan, attorneys have the legal expertise, local knowledge and collaborative support to get the results their clients need.

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