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Birmingham Michigan Attorneys Are Providing Litigation Skills in a Broad Range of Fields

Williams, Williams, Rattner and Plunkett are representing a multitude of clients with consistent leadership.

March 20, 2015

Birmingham Michigan Attorneys, Williams, Williams, Rattner and Plunkett, P.C. are offering world-class legal services to help their clients succeed in a diverse range of cases. With 30 years of successful legal history, the WWRP, P.C. law firm is big enough to handle cases with professional expertise and small enough to adapt to a case’s specific challenges while maintaining close and personal relationships with clients.   As a select group of Birmingham Michigan attorneys, the counsel at WWRP, P.C. combines law with business knowledge and dependable leadership in the community. The Southeast Michigan law firm has been a long-time member of the Board of the State Bar, provided two past Presidents to the Oakland County Bar and two members to the prestigious Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  As a Michigan business, they are committed to helping local Michigan residents and understand the challenges they face. The Birmingham Michigan attorneys at WWRP, P.C. specialize in areas concerning the following specialties:

Practice Areas