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Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunkett, P.C. represents Maynards Industries, Inc. in its acquisition of Chryslers Twinsburg, Ohio Stamping Plant

March, 2010

The Birmingham, Michigan law firm of Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunkett, P.C. represented Maynards Industries (1991), Inc. in its acquisition of Chrysler’s Twinsburg, Ohio Stamping Plant.  The plant, which sits on approximately 170 acres, includes over 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space housing class A stamping press equipment throughout.   Maynards purchased the plant for $45,500,000 pursuant to a Sale Order issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York in March, 2010.

WWRP attorney John Crowe led the Maynards team through the entire bankruptcy sale process including Maynards’ winning bid at the auction held by Old Carco’s advisors in New York in early March.  Crowe’s WWRP team, including attorneys John Gaber and Mark James, closed the transaction with Old Carco’s bankruptcy counsel and also worked with Chrysler Group regarding the plant which Chrysler operated until the end of June.

“Acquisition of the entire Twinsburg Stamping Plant from Chrysler culminated several months of work by Maynards and WWRP” said Taso Sofikitis, President of Maynards.  “John Crowe and his team at WWRP were with us every step of the way during this project and worked tirelessly to complete it.  We relied on WWRP’s expertise time and again, and they got the job done.”

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